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Marie : « I learned to love the World as God loves it »

Marie (Czech Republic), is a doctor. She shares her calling to love and serve God, leading a contemplative life in the middle of the World, and encountering ...

Isabella: baptized at the age of 19, business Lawyer and consecrated sister

Isabella (Netherlands) is a business lawyer. She was not raised a Christian. She tells us how God made it possible for her to become a consecrated sister, ...

Armelle : « I was looking for a place to give my life to the Lord »

Armelle (France) is a High School teacher. She explains why she chose to live her vocation to consecrated life within the Emmanuel Community, on mission with brothers ...

Manon : « Why not consecrated life ? »

Manon (Germany) is an occupational therapist. She had always wanted to get married until the question of consecrated life popped-up one day and opened a path of ...

Agnès : How I found my vocation

When I began my professional work, my life became extremely busy. A friend suggested I make a retreat in the Sinai Desert. Those ten days of walking ...

Asuncion, a consecrated sister working with autistic children

I work as a nurse with autistic children who suffer serious problems with regard to relationships and communication. I consider my work as a special gift, which ...

Priestly and diaconal ordinations 2021

The Emmanuel Community is happy to announce new ordinations to the priesthood and diaconate in 2021: Priestly ordinations • Mateusz SZYBIAK, 19 May in the Basilica of ...

A look back at the episcopal ordination of Bishop José Likolo of Lisala

Appointed Bishop of Lisala on 15 February, Bishop José Likolo, a priest of Kinshasa and a member of the Emmanuel Community, was ordained on Saturday 29 May ...
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« What do I fear the most: to die or to live without God? »

« What do I fear the most: to die or to live without God? » How do NGO volunteers manage the COVID-19 crisis during their mission? Anne-Gaelle, ...
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Feast of the Presentation of Jesus: Presenting — The Formation House of the Consecrated Sisters in Paris (France)

February 2 marks the Feast Day of Consecrated life – Here’s some news of the Formation House in Paris “Dear Consecrated brothers and sisters, you are simple ...
Archbishop Dominique-Marie DavidCommunity life

New Archbishop in Monaco: S.E Mgr Dominique-Marie David

On January 21, 2020, Pope Francis appointed Fr Dominique-Marie David as Archbishop of the Principality of Monaco. January 21, is the Feast of Saint Agnes, when the ...
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A glimpse of the “Maison Saint Joseph”

Maison Saint Joseph (St. Joseph’s House) in Namur (Belgium), next to the Chapel of the Heart of Jesus, welcomes every year about twenty young people to discern ...
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On this Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, an inspiring and touching message!

“God will put you back, this time, in a beautiful mosaic, so that you can be life-giver for others”          
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Saint Joseph’s Year Pilgrimage in Paris

During this pilgrimage, the young men of the discernment year in Namur (Belgium) shared their testimony: Any questions about what is Saint Joseph’s Year ? Send a ...
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The New Establishment of the Emmanuel Community Clerical Association

Today, August 30, 2017, officially marks the establishment by the Holy See of a clerical association for priests and deacons of the Emmanuel Community. The Community receives ...