On this Solemnity of Saint Joseph, a testimony about the fruits of the ESM at a workplace

Last March 8, an ESM Roma alumni student, received the “Woman Achiever of the Year Award” from Nokia, in India.  Here’s her testimony: *It is an award within Nokia where they identify a talented woman from the work that she does..it is given on women’s day   Read the site

On this Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, an inspiring and touching message!

“God will put you back, this time, in a beautiful mosaic, so that you can be life-giver for others”           Read the site

Visitation experience in China

In China, where activities are difficult, the brothers and sisters of the Community, share with us their “visitations”, to those who are isolated and fragile, in the image and likeness of the Virgin Mary. A visit to Xing’s house Xing is a sister determined in faith. In November 2017, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer […] Read the site

Verso l’Alto in Indonesia

An invitation for teenagers to always strive and orient their gaze upwards, towards God. Read here the testimony of the organisers. We are Harry and Ling-Ling from Indonesia. We have four daughters, Rachel, 13,  Regine, 12, Raylene, 11, and Rhea, 4 and we are members of the Emmanuel Community. We had the desire to do […] Read the site