Living as a consecrated woman in the Emmanuel community

Within the Emmanuel community, some women receive a special call: to consecrate themselves to God in celibacy for the Kingdom.

They live a passionate love by espousing the radical form of Christ, poor, chaste, and obedient. <With the Virgin Mary, they keep their hearts available for the mission, together with their brother priests, families, and celibates of the community.

They live their vocation at the heart of the world and society where they exercise their profession. They adopt a simple way of life amid the world through the typical dress they wear (blue skirt and white top). Their vocation is: to give witness to the love of God that fills them.


Finding our place becomes much easier when we believe that God is present with us (that's what "Emmanuel" means: God with us) and that He has sent us where we are. I understood that the most important thing is what we live with love. So I decided to do what I can with as much love as possible and ask for forgiveness.

Claire - Consecrated and doctor in Madagscar

Discovering God's call

If your heart is open to what God wants for you, come and join hundreds of young people for a weekend that will help you move forward.


Being accompanied

In order not to be left alone, contact us to be accompanied by a consecrated sister, a couple or an Emmanuel priest who guarantees you freedom and seriousness in your questioning.

A long-term journey

Led by the consecrated lay people of the Emmanuel Community, it offers six evenings and three weekends to deepen and welcome the call of God. It can be followed in Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, Rennes and Brussels.

God alone is enough – 3 weekends a year

The formation of consecrated sisters

Before committing oneself definitively to celibacy for the Kingdom within the Emmanuel Community there are several stages.

The journey begins with a welcome stage (one year) and a formation stage lasting four years. Two years are dedicated full time to the human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral formation during this stage. Two other years allow for the simultaneous living of professional and residential life in a fraternity.

At the end of the training stage, the first commitment is made for a renewable period of three years, followed by the final commitment.

consecrated sisters


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