Their history

Cyprien is a renowned intellectual who had a brilliant career in the administration, a specialist in the culture of his country, and a famous artist (composer, singer, choreographer). He produced a very productive work that is today part of the country’s heritage. Raised in a Christian culture, he lost his faith during his studies.

In 1965 he married Daphrose, a young woman for whom prayer was essential. For 17 years, they had a challenging marriage, to the point that they separated for a few months. Cyprian made his wife suffer a great deal, mainly through his infidelity. Daphrose, undaunted, never stops praying for her husband.

In 1982, Cyprian, who was ill, was suddenly cured. He realized that this was the fruit of his wife’s prayer and experienced a radical conversion that manifested itself in all areas of his life, particularly his married life.
Cyprian and Daphrose became an extremely close couple, very complementary and above all radiant.

On 7 April 1994, Cyprien and Daphrose Rugamba were killed with six children in their house in Kigali after a night of Eucharistic adoration. A genocidal madness had just descended on Rwanda. Founders of the Emmanuel Community in Rwanda, close to the poor, Cyprien and Daphrose refused ethnic divisions and chose to remain in Rwanda, giving a radiant witness of faith. Their cause of beatification was opened in September 2015.

I will enter the gates of heaven


Prayer for beatification

Holy Father, we pray to you for the beatification of the servants of God Cyprian and Daphrose.

Give us to always have, like them, an incessant zeal for adoration, a heart burning of love for you and an active compassion for all who suffer.

Help us to give ourselves freely for the evangelization of the families and the poor.

In communion with Cyprian and Daphrosa, we entrust to you especially couples who experience marital difficulties and people who are struggling to forgive their enemies, and we ask you to make us instruments of peace.

Through the intercession of these Servants of God, we ask you, Lord, according to Your will, the grace of ………………………

(a prayer is expressed)

Lord, grant us peace and the grace that we ask in faith.


Your testimony is precious!

If you have obtained a grace or received a healing that you attribute to the prayers of Cyprian and Daphrose, please let us know!

"The Lord is mervellous !"