God with us

in the school sector

Together in mission

Our mission

To create and animate a network of teachers and educators in the world;
To stimulate vocations of school leaders, teachers, and educators;
Accompany and train educational communities;
Initiating, guiding, and developing educational projects;
Appointing and accompanying school leaders.

our convictions

«Christ fully manifests man to himself» Gaudium et Spes 22 / Letter to families 1994.

We believe that the school is the place for an integral education, where the presence of Christ is offered to everyone.

Our vision

Emmanuel Education :

  • Responds to a double requirement: professional and missionary to promote communion between educators, teachers, principals, families…, whatever their place of work…
  • Develops a project of integral education. This project is carried by the whole educational community, with Christ at the heart of its implementation.

The question is not whether a child is smart but how smart he or she is.

An Emmanuel school is :

A school

that brings closer

the people

A school

that opens up to the proximity

of God

A school

that deploys a culture

of communication

4 institutions entrusted to the community:

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