Youth mission and Schools of mission updates

In October 2020  we were talking about the reflexion year some of our Emmanuel School of mission are going trough ( see the article here)

This work had started almost three years ago, and the richness and fruits of ESM were not in doubt; however, the context had changed a lot since the foundation of the first ESM in Paris and then in Paray-le-Monial.

The vision was clear and solid: “to form apostles for our time,” but the question arose as to whether the program and modalities of each school still corresponded well to the challenges of today’s young people in a rapidly changing world and whether the proposals should be the same everywhere (see our article from last year)

This year, we have organized an extensive consultation of young people and brothers in mission with young people in all the zones. What are their needs, their passions, their expectations? How can we better accompany them so that they become missionary disciples? This work of listening and discernment was carried out and matured in prayer.

It confirmed a strong expectation of young people for a more intense social and missionary commitment. The importance of allowing creativity to flourish, allowing talents to emerge, encouraging young people to take responsibility, and allowing them to be more involved and active in their formation also emerged.

After this long period of extended work and after discernment by the Community Council, we took some decisions, and we are still discerning for others.

What is the outcome until now?

  • ESM Altötting is continuing the Rejoice journey, still discerning some aspects of the pastoral, and actively searching for 2 members for the team: a music project leader and a video/communication leader. The work is still ongoing for this project as this is a new concept who needs to be refined in time.
  • ESM Rome took last year the form of the Emmanuel Mission Rome ( a missionary fraternity) powered by ESM. Their project continues next year, with the same concept ( let’s hope that with more adapted mission, that this pandemic year allowed). 
  • For France, we decided to close ESM Paray-le-Monial. Henceforth, the formation of young missionaries will be based mainly on the Emmanuel Campus proposal, which will develop and extend to young people outside the community. 
  • ESM Salvador has closed and the team in Latin America is discerning a new project more adapted to the local youth reality.
  • ESM Manilla has also closed and the reflexion work done for the youth pastoral in Asia is now starting to be implemented. This goes more on reinforcing the local propositions and youth teams. In the future, shorter international formation will be deployed as well. 
  • ESM Bafoussam continues the year with the same project as before. The question has been raised to open it to youth outside Africa if there are request, and there is an opening on this matter. Every candidacy will be submitted to the discernment of the team of course. 
  • Last, but not least, ESM New York is also keeping his current project and hopes to open next year if everything goes well. They are still in rebranding phase that will allow them to construct the year, the formations and missions as best for the Zone. There as well the work is ongoing.

The places of formation for young people offered by the community are numerous and diversified: Emmanuel Campus, Fidesco, Le Rocher, the Rejoice project (in Altötting), the Missionary Fraternity of the Trinity of the Mounts (in Rome), the ESM in New York and the ESM in Bafoussam for young people in Africa and also the many local proposals.

We thank God for all the experiences lived there for years, all the brothers who have given themselves generously, and for the incredible fruits.

We entrust to your prayers all the young people, the development of the mission of Emmanuel Campus, and the continuation of this essential discernment for the formation of new young missionaries

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