Rwanda: hosts the 1st international trip of the General Moderator

In the heart of Africa, where the Virgin appeared several times in Kibého, the General Moderator will have been able to measure the missionary dynamism, the fraternal communion and the charismatic joy

From September 21 to 25, Michel-Bernard de Vregille, General Moderator of the Emmanuel Community, made his first international trip to Rwanda to visit the brothers and sisters of the Community.

With the 1300 members, the Community of Rwanda, which has experienced exceptional development over the last twenty years, was very happy and honored by this first visit.

Michel-Bernard was able to experience the general joy that welcomed the “yes” of Albert Kayigumire and his wife Alice as the new country Heads and to the emotion that accompanied the delivery of their service by François-Xavier and Yvonne-Solange who have been in charge of the Community at the national level for four years. So many moments of great grace and fraternal life.

Then during a Mass, we celebrated togeher as a Community, the definitive commitment in celibacy for the kingdom of two of our sisters: Odette and Immaculée. A meaningful celebration at the heart of this Marian shrine in Kibeho, attended by many of our brothers and sisters for the first time. The prayer but also the joy and the dances of all and in particular of the consecrated sisters have of course punctuated all this day.

The day was also graced by a beautiful delegation from the nascent community of Uganda. As a result of the missionary perseverance of our Rwandan brothers and sisters, a small Community is starting in Uganda, as it did several years ago in Kivu or Burundi. These pioneers were there to attend this beautiful day and to enter the welcoming stage in the Community during this very special day lived and shared in Kibého.

In the heart of Africa, in this magnificent region of the Great Lakes, where the Virgin appeared several times between 1981 and 1989 in Kibého, the Moderator will have been able to measure the missionary dynamism, the fraternal communion and the charismatic joy that animate this magnificent community.

May he be thanked for this first visit and be assured that all his brothers and sisters in Rwanda, but also all over Africa, pray for him and his mission.

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