This summer, how about volunteering in Altötting?

The summer is coming quickly and in the Emmanuel Community we are starting to prepare some spiritual options for you to spend in a different type of vacation.
This article focuses on a 2 weeks volunteering proposal in Germany.

Every Summer, around the World, the Emmanuel Community is organising Summer Sessions for pilgrims. There are spiritual vacations, where you can get your fill of joy, encounters, rest and of course prayer and teachings. They started in Paray-le-Monial ( in France), but they are now also in Altötting (Germany), in Beauraing (Belgium), and all over the world.

For all youths between 18 and 30 years old, who want to participate in a session with other young people, but also give a bit of their time and skills in the service of the session, we have the best proposal for this summer.  Two weeks of fun and spi in Altötting, from the 25th of July to 9th of August. 

This volunteering work is made for those who are longing for a fun, young, social crowd to hang out with outdoors,  rewarding days of fun challenging physical volunteer work, talks about God and the world and much more.

The volunteering work includes participating in creative workshops in film, music, arts and crafts etc.

This invitations includes 2 weeks of fun and work, in one of the Bavarian nicest city, where you can also visit the Black Madonna. The Shrine of Altötting is a pilgrimage place since 1489.


To talk about this proposal we give the microphone to former volunteers

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