The power of prayer and perseverance turns sadness into joy!

Nancy, one of the young adults in the USA is a nurse, she tells us about her real struggles but also REAL HOPE and PEACE!

Nancy, you’ve been working as a nurse during the crisis, how have you been doing?

It’s was rough at the start, for it has brought into surface lots of anxieties because of work and the changes I was going through right at that time (move,  ….). The pandemic have made those times, harder to bear.
What changed?
I was so ready to give in to sadness, but then, I remebered the power of prayer and how strong it is. This was especially during  Easter time. I said to myself,  I’m not going to let this virus be the center of my existence, I have to persevere and I can do that with God. Praying brought me such overwhelming sense of peace beneath all the chaos. I’m grateful and thankful for this gift!

"Praying brought me such overwhelming sense of peace "

Tell us more about gratitude

I’m grateful and thankful for the little things. Each day, I couldn’t see myself not saying thank you, for that changes my perspective since this crisis has stolen a lot of joy for some. 
My mom also went to help in a hospital in New Jersey, where the epidemic was pretty bad, I took that opportunity to trust God even more and that He will protect her. She is my role model that’s why I’m a nurse, I’m so thankful for her example.
Any thoughts or encouragement?
Thank you for your continuous prayers for all health workers and first liners. Let us pray especially for those who are struggling and those who lost their friends and families. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words.
We’ll get through this! And together, find ways of hope and peace.

"I'm grateful and thankful for the little things. Each day, I couldn't see myself not saying thank you"

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