A new album from Emmanuel Music Egypt

Our Community in Egypt has been going through a difficult period which has inspired the creation of a fifth worship album. This album aims to offer prayer music accessible to all. We hope it will enable everyone to find comfort and solace in God’s presence.

Back in May 2022, our community in Egypt faced a huge tragedy, the passing of our belated Father Steven Labat.

Steven was one of the first youth joining the Emmanuel community in Egypt, he was blessed with a beautiful unique voice that captivated anyone who listened to it.
Especially during Adoration, the way he sang and praised the Lord was simply beyond.

As much as his passing was tragic, it was like a miraculous fire bringing youth to Jesus!
So during our missions we started to feel how youth and young adults were longing more and more for Adoration.

And through this feeling, the idea of a 5th Album dedicated especially for Adoration was born. We wanted to deliver a prayerful music accessible to everyone at anytime.

The album structure starts with hymns that speak about how God is looking to us, and how big his redeeming love is.
Then it talks about repentance, forgiveness, and being close to God through the Holy Spirit.
And finally the album ends with a song that reminds us that we belong in Heaven, and that Heaven is our real home.

As a community we pray and hope for everyone who listens to the new adoration album, to taste, see and witness the goodness of our God; and see how soothing it is to be in his presence in every aspect of our lives.

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