Sexual abuses in the French Church: CIASE report submitted

The CIASE (Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church) submitted its report on sexual abuse in the Church in France between 1950 and 2020 to the French bishops on Tuesday 5 October 2021. Reaction of the leaders of the Emmanuel Community, Michel-Bernard and Catherine de Vregille and Father Henri-Marie Mottin.

“Like many of you, we listened to the press conference presenting the independent report commissioned by the French bishops on the sexual abuse crisis in the Church. We encourage you to listen to this conference and read the final report for those who were unable to do so. Only the truth sets you free!
We want to share with you our shock and our profound sorrow at the magnitude of the tragedy. We want to say to each victim, with the poverty of our words, all our compassion and pain in front of your immense suffering. Yes, we are ashamed of such a disaster that has caused so many broken lives.
Two attitudes to be lived come to our hearts in front of all these dramas: silence and prayer.
Silence first of all. Not an embarrassing silence! But the silence of tears, of repentance, and compassion for the victims. We must accept reality without ready-made explanations and false justification. We can only acknowledge the facts and weep with those who mourn!
Prayer as well, as in faith, we know that the only comforter is the Spirit of Truth, that the only Savior is Christ who died and has risen for us.  That he alone can redeem us from the deepest sins and that he alone can allow us to accompany, as far as we can, the victims of such acts who are wounded for life.
Together with our pastors, we must also implement everything to allow the Church to be a safe house where Jesus can be found!
May Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, intercede for all the victims and accompany us on the path of conversion that the Church needs.”
Catherine and Michel-Bernard de Vregille
Henri-Marie Mottin +
PS: Michel-Bernard de Vregille is the General Moderator of the Emmanuel Community and Father Henri-Marie Mottin is the Head of Ordained Ministers & Seminarians

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