Michel Lonsdale, the Artist in love with God

Michael Lonsdale was a British-French actor who appeared in over 180 films and television shows. Known in the English-speaking world for his roles as the villain Hugo Drax in the 1979 James Bond film “Moonraker”, the detective Claude Lebel in “The Day of the Jackal”, and M. Dupont d’Ivry in “The Remains of the Day”.

Michael Lonsdale has brilliantly interpreted the most varied roles, he liked to surprise his public with. From comedy, with Louis de Funès in Hibernatus, to the role of a sadistic villain opposite Roger Moore in James Bond. However,  Michael Lonsdale left his mark on French cinema above all through his spiritual imprint, which is shown in his role as Brother Luke, one of Tibhirine’s murdered monks, in “Des Hommes et des Dieux” (Men and Gods). A shocking experience for which he received the César for Best Supporting Actor in a Supporting Role in 2011. He confide to the press that this film entered our lives saturated with movement and noise like a breath, where meeting and prayer are essential“.

A man of heart and spirit, Michael Lonsdale has made his faith an essential driving force in his life. Baptized at the age of 22, he gradually learned to open his heart and let it speak. A spirituality that he puts to good use in his art, whether it be cinema or painting. Patron of the WYD in Madrid in 2011, Michael Lonsdale fully assumes his faith.

He didn’t want to be part of a community, but he always remained on the threshold of the Emmanuel. For twenty years, Michael was nourished by the graces of Emmanuel through the Magnificat group (born in 1987 aftera magnificat forum), but also by those of Saint Francis Xavier, and Paray-le-Monial… he was insatiable for prayer of praise, nourished by the word of God, listening to the charisms, practising fraternal life in a simple and profound way, each one feeling unique in his eyes. (*testimony of Pascal,  Emmanuel community member )

A renowned actor with a rich artistic career, Michael Lonsdale answers, in 2018, to a crucial question: what legacy do we want to leave and pass on to future generations?  His answer, immortalized in the video below, emphasizes, that the greatest treasure of his life was the Christ and his greatest desire was for the world not to forget God!



Michel Lonsdale returned to the Father on September 21st.

His funeral will be celebrated on October 1st ( day of Saint Therese of Lisieux), in the Church St. Roch in Paris and transmise live on KTO starting 10am.


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