Glorious Cross – Emmanuel Community Internal Mission

The members of the Glorious Cross are the “Witnesses of Christ's joy and victory»!

Starting this month, new section where we would like to present you the different Missions of Emmanuel Community in France and International.

Starting this folder with the Glorious Cross and this for 2 reasons:

  • Suffering has always been part of our life’s, however this year has exacerbated the general malaise during the world pandemic
  • Because we need to find sense to sickness and sufferance and the Glorious Cross gives us that. Even though is not to be wanted it can be accepted and offered to God for different prayer intentions.

What is the Glorious Cross?

The members of the Glorious Cross are the “Witnesses of Christ’s joy and victory», as beautifully described in the Customary of the Community. ( Customary, pg.89 -91). 

Being member of the Glorious Cross means offering your suffering for the mission: “They carry through prayer and offering the various missions of the Community. They also show that evangelisation is not limited to apostolic “activities”, but that it is made fruitful by the sacrifice and self-denial lived out of love for Christ and mankind. In this sense, the members of the Glorious Cross have a primordial role to play in the apostolate of the Community.

Their mission is based on prayer and offering. The communitarian and fraternal life is adapted to their needs and request lot of solidarity from all members for one another.

If you want to learn more about this service, there are several places to start with: the Customary of the community, the Sector or Community Leaders but also the bellow interview given by Bruno Pouzoullic, the previous responsible of the Glorious Cross.

Since September 2020, Yves and Marie Madelaine de Brunhoff took over this responsibility. For questions, you can contact Yeves on:

Bruno Pouzoullic, with his wife Hélène, oversaw the Glorious Cross until August 2020. He has gracefully answered several questions regarding this mission that will give you more information about it.

To read the article, click on the link bellow.

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