Global Eucharistic Adoration for Corpus Christi 2021

In preparation for the World Eucharistic Congress to be held in September 2021 in Budapest, the event team is proposing a worldwide Eucharistic adoration on Saturday 5 June 2021, the vigil of Corpus Christi.


  In preparation for the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest,  we have launched a worldwide adoration movement. These Eucharistic adorations take place every year on the vigil of Christ the King and the Saturday of Corpus Christi, as these two feasts are closely linked to the Eucharist. Over the past three years, the number of places participating in the worldwide adoration has steadily increased, which is visible on the world map on our website. Last November, believers prayed in more than 6,700 locations in 121 countries to bring as many people as possible to meet Jesus, King of the Universe. On 5 June 2021, the Saturday of the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament, we will again pray for each other worldwide to strengthen our faith and live a Christian life as witnesses to God. This prayer will be powerful if many of us participate in this event.

Map of churches participating in global worship

52nd World Eucharistic Congress, 5-12 September 2021 in Budapest

Programme of the Congress 2021

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