Find rest for your soul: an afternoon retreat

23rd Feb 2024 St John Bosco Parish Centre with the Emmanuel Community

In 2018 and 2019, at the request of the Archbishop, the Emmanuel Community provided the annual Clergy retreat for the Sydney Archdiocese.
Following these retreats, the Community suggested afternoons of prayer and reflection to assist the priests in their mission.

On 23rd February, the Emmanuel Community accompanied the priests during an afternoon of prayer and reflection. Members of the Community were present to welcome, serve and pray for the priests during the retreat. Helen and Kevin Wagner, the leaders of the Emmanuel Community in Sydney, facilitated the afternoon which included a reflection, Lectio Divina, adoration, Evening Prayer and dinner. The reflection and Lectio Divina were led by Fr John Armstrong on the Transfiguration, Mark 9:2-10.
The priests were so grateful for this time to rest with the Lord and to be refreshed, and were touched by the presence of the Emmanuel Community to love and support them. This graced time together was a profound reminder of the precious gift of Priesthood and how it is our responsibility and privilege to pray and support our priests.

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