Election of a new International Council for the Emmanuel Community

Announcement of 28 July 2023

From Sunday 23 July to Friday 28 July, the Emmanuel Community’s College of Prayer and Election met at the abbey of Notre-Dame de l’Ouÿe (France). This college, made up of 159 members from every continent, had the task of electing a new International Council for the Emmanuel Community and the General Moderator for a period of 5 years.

This week of election was marked by many moments of exchange, listening and prayer to support the discernment process. The International Council presented an assessment of their previous mandate. Then, each member of the college spoke about how he perceived the expectations of community members and the priorities for the coming years. Numerous informal small-group discussions and long periods of prayer (adoration, Mass and services) helped to refine the discernment of each member of the college.

The week began with Cardinal Jean-Marc Aveline, archbishop of Marseille and ecclesiastical assistant for the community, followed by Dom Philippe Dupont, former abbot of Solesmes.

On Thursday 27 July, the following persons were elected as members of the International Council: Marc Benoît (France, married lay person), Alain de Boudemange (France, priest), José-Mario Brasiliense (Brazil, married lay person), Jean-Régis Catta (France, married lay person), Marie-Pierre Dabadie (France, single lay person), Marie-Josée Girard (Canada, consecrated lay person), Alexis de Groote (Belgium, married lay person), Pavel Kalcik (Czech Republic, lay married), Albert Kaygumire (Rwanda, lay married), Marina Lattes (Côte d’Ivoire, lay married), Charlotte Lecoq (France, lay married), Joyce Martin (Philippines, consecrated lay person), Otto Neubauer (Austria, lay married), Gabriel Priou (France, priest), Myriam Terlinden (Belgium, lay married).

Other ex officio members of the council are Dominique Janthial (Belgium, priest in charge of ordained ministers), Jacques Gomart (France, priest in charge of formation for cleric) Antonia Holstein (Denmark, in charge of consecrated lay women), Bernard Michat (France, in charge of consecrated lay men) and Dominique Dewulf (Belgium, community treasurer).

On Friday 28 July, Michel-Bernard de Vregille was elected General Moderator for a second 5-year term.

We thank God for this studious, joyful and fraternal week. We entrust the new Council, the Moderator and the entire community to your prayers. May it faithfully fulfil its mission in the service of Christ and his Church.

(The result will be sent to Rome for confirmation by the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, on which the Emmanuel Community depends).

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