Husband of Mary

After the Blessed Virgin Mary, St Joseph is our powerful intercessor before God. St Joseph faithfully cared for his little family, Jesus and Mary. No sacrifice was too great for him. Now Jesus shows him His gratitude by granting our requests through St Joseph’s intercession. Pope Pius IX proclaimed him Patron of the Universal Church in 1870.

Let us go to Saint Joseph in all our needs and especially ask him the grace of a holy death.

The Great Silent One

Joseph is called the man of deep silence. He came and went, did his work, and gave orders  in his home in a kindly way, with a purpose which had matured in him after he had learned the Divine will, after he had tried to study what the Lord wanted. His way of giving orders was to make a slight sign, to give a slight hint of what seemed to him to be the will of God. This man of deep silence occupies the first place among the saints, and what amount of wisdom his mind contained.

In an inexpressible manner, St Joseph was and is a faithful cooperator in the redemption of the world. He is the foster father of Jesus and His provider, the defender of the Virgin Mother of God, the rescuer of the threatened life of the Savior, the protector of the Universal Church, the confidant and hope of innumerable souls who have recourse to him. Let us feel ourselves as living and active members in the Mystical Body of the Church, which Jesus Christ conquered with His blood. As the Father sent His beloved Son into the world, so we were appointed to the apostolate. Everyone should feel the responsibility of saving souls.

source: Saint and Thought for everyday Saint Paul publications

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