EVENTS: Come and boost your faith – Friday March 1 to Sunday March 3, 2019

A weekend of encounters, concerts, praise, prayer, faith, nature, fun, walk & talk, friends!

For this 5th International Winter Forum, come join us in the Marian Shrine of Banneux, Belgium, to be filled with the Holy Spirit and ask Him « Come, Holy Spirit !» (theme)


As Pope Francis said in a homily:

To put it plainly, the Holy Spirit disturbs us because He moves us, He makes us walk, he pushes the Church forward, too often we want to tame the Holy Spirit, and that does not work. For He is God, and it is this wind that comes and goes, and no one knows where He comes from, He is the strength of God, He gives consolation and strength to go forward.

Fees and conditions

Full week-end price (The price musn’t be a problem. You may ask for a special financial assistance:

  • 75€ — Solidarity (help someone come)
  • 65€ — Standard

Why come?

A weekend to discover that there are other young people who walk in the same faith as me.” (Eric)

“This Winter Forum was the best experience of my life! Friends invited me and I was touched by the joy of the participants and the animations. I rediscovered God who is near to me, incarnated by His Son, Jesus, kind and especially patient with me. In short, I was myself. I was full of energy, joy and friends! ” (Sophie)

What are you waiting for?  Let’s move forward together!


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