Trinità dei Monti in Rome,
Entrusted to the Emmanuel Community

By an agreement dated July 25, 2016 between the French State and the Holy See, the Trinité des Monts estate in Rome, previously under the responsibility of the Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem, is entrusted to the Community of the Emmanuel.

Trinité des Monts is a vast complex overlooking the Spanish Steps, consisting of the well-known church, a 16th century convent, a welcoming house and a campus for a small school. This area belongs to the "Pious Establishments of France in Rome and Lorette", placed under the tutelage of the French Embassy near the Holy See. Their mission is to welcome French-speaking pilgrims and to contribute to the cultural influence of France in Rome.

In full gratitude to the Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem who lived in these places of their presence, their service and their prayer, since September 2006, the Emmanuel Community has accepted to take over. A team of community members have been formed to take charge of the this site, carrying a rich cultural, spiritual and missionary heritage.


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