Female Consecrated Life

"God alone is enough": to live as a consecrated woman in the Emmanuel community

In the community of Emmanuel, some women receive a particular call: to consecrate themselves to God in a celibacy for the Kingdom. They live a passionate love by marrying the radical form of Christ, poor, chaste and obedient. With the Virgin Mary, they keep a heart available for the mission, with their brother priests, families and singles of the community. They live their vocation at the heart of the world and the society where they practice their profession. Their vocation: to give a testimony of the love of God of which they are filled.


Before definitively committing to celibacy for the Kingdom within the Emmanuel Community there are several stages. The journey begins with a welcoming stage (one year) followed by a four-year training stage. During this stage, two years are devoted full-time to human formation, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral. Two other years allow to live at the same time professional life and residential life in fraternity.

At the end of the training phase, the first commitment is pronounced for a period of three years renewable, then comes the final commitment.


Can God really be enough for a lifetime? If you ask yourself the question, take part in the next weekend "God alone suffices"!

How do I know if God is calling me? The Sainte Thérèse course, run by the consecrated laymen of the Emmanuel Community, offers 6 evenings and 3 weekends to deepen and welcome the call of God. It can be followed in Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, Rennes and Brussels.

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