Male Consecrated Life

To live as a consecrated man in the Emmanuel community means you become a "Brother of all"

A Vocation living in the Heart of the World

Seized by Christ, they live with him a strong and deep friendship that pushes them to choose the celibacy that Jesus himself lived, to be constantly at his side, until becoming his intimate friends. Friends of the Bridegroom, they enter the burning desire of Christ who wants all men to be saved. Animated by the Holy Spirit, anchored in the prayer of adoration, they want to testify to everyone that God is our Father.

Immersed in Society

Lay people immersed in society, their way of life is so simple that it does not distinguish them from their contemporaries. In all areas of their lives, especially in their work, they are called to become brothers of all and to thus manifest the closeness of God and his goodness for men.

Prayer of Saint John Paul II for consecrated men and women

By the positive choice of celibacy in the likeness of Christ, consecrated persons signify that God is sufficient to fill the heart of a man and that the Kingdom towards which we tend is already in our midst.