To discern one's vocation, one must recognise that it is the call of a friend: Jesus

If you have the question of priesthood in the Emmanuel Community, don't keep it to yourself and open it up without delay!

The Emmanuel Community can guarantee you along your journey: Freedom. It is precious for God first of all and for the priests who will accompany you. Far from trying to make a priest at any price, it is to give you a framework and an assurance so that your freedom can unfold and be open to God's call.
Brothers. You cannot go it alone! With others, you can serenely work this question.
Severe and demanding means. Because answering the question of a call from God is not trivial, it is essential to take means that are equal to the challenges. We, therefore, suggest that you follow the path according to your availability and the stage of your journey, with concrete and engaging means, such as accompaniment by an Emmanuel priest, discernment retreats, or a course, the Curé d'Ars Cycle.


If your heart is open to what God wants for you, come and join hundreds of young people for a weekend that will help you move forward


Be accompanied by a priest

To not be left alone, contact us to be accompanied by an Emmanuel priest who guarantees you freedom and seriousness in your questioning.

Retreats to discern

Listen to God’s voice, go into seclusion at Paray to learn to discern a call from God: don’t miss one of these quality retreats!


A long-term journey

The cycle of the Curé d’Ars: In parallel with your studies or your professional life, take the means over a year to walk, at a rate of 4 weekends and a retreat to finally see clearly in time

« How great a priest is! »"