”God’s love is the very source and foundation of family life” 

St John Paul II

The welfare of the family is decisive for the future of the world and that of the Church.”Amoris Laetitia L-31

 “If the family is centered around Christ, it unifies  and illuminates the whole of family life” A L-247


Love & Truth is an outreach of the Emmanuel Community, a ministry to couples and families.  It is designed to encourage couples and families facing the challenges of modern life to live in the grace of Christ. 

Love & Truth helps couples to discover or to rediscover Christ and the profound meaning of the Sacrament of marriage. It is about supporting couples, promoting a human and Christian vision of love and sexuality.

It offers spiritual and human teachings, given by couples based on personal experience and testimony. These sessions give practical ideas for day to day life. All couples are welcome; those in difficulty may find a new beginning.

The goal of “Love & Truth” is to promote the beauty of human love within God’s plan